Kmart just isn’t cutting it anymore. For those readers who aren’t australian, Kmart is the american equivalent of a lower class Target, or Walmart. Now to address the title. The title is misleading, yes, I know *~click bate~* sinser apologies. I’m not saying there is an all in end all t-shirt that is $100 – yet (I’m still hunting), but I am saying you shouldnt turn your nose up at a $50 white t-shirt. An expensive price doesn’t always equivalent to quality, but you shouldnt skimp on the price. As someone who used to wear t-shirts from a 2 pack for $10 up until about 2 years ago, this sounds a bit rich. Hear me out here.

1. How it looks

But a white t-shirt. They all look the same right, basically? No. One of the main differences I find between an expensive t-shirt vs. a cheap one is the fit. An expensive t-shirt usually is more flattering and sits on the body better. This usually comes down to the fact it isn’t mass made from a stock standard universal cut like you’ll find in department stores.

2. It’s a staple piece

White tee, black trousers with Oxford’s to the office anyone? Or a leather mini skirt, tied tee and black strapy heels out for drinks with the girls? Yes, the humble underestimated versatility of a good white tee. Can wear anywhere and style anyway, and understated enough that people won’t even realise you’re outfit repeating almost daily.  A wardrobe staple for any fashion girl.  

3. Quality

We could do some maths, or we could not. I’d rather not, so let’s keep this simple. Sure, $100 for a t-shirt at first might seem crazy, especially when you can buy one in the single figure’s. That single figure white t-shirt however will need replacing after a couple of months, or a year – if you’re lucky. The $100 t-shirt could last you 4 years, or even longer. The quality of production and materials used are more superior hence in most cases the more costly price tag. And how is this, the more washes, the better they get. The fabric becomes even Softer without the colour fading. So, you could almost call it a long-term investment? I’m going to go with that.

4. Production 

This is the one people tend to forget, and it’s surprising. I am 98% sure that cheap t-shirt you want to buy was made in sweat shops oversea’s by an overseas company exploiting humans (children, woman and men). The $100 t-shirt however was probably made in a country with laws surrounding labour, using local materials and resources therefore having the ripple effect of the money you’re spending, support your own country – and saying no to human exploitation. Keep your money local/ish.



here are a few white t-shirts I’ve tried, and quite enjoyed.

*Haven’t inserted photos, click the link to suss them out yourselves. You’ll thank me later


$117 CDF white tee

$86 US made 100% cotton tee

$40 jersey blend (85% cotton) tee

$130 100% cotton tee

$125 100% cotton tee

$97.42 boxy fit 100% cotton tee

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